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Fastbuz. Peace of Mind

The reach of the vast KSRTC network and the ever-ready support of Reachon on the ground zero comes with a unique feature. Peace of mind alerts. Reachon has a transparency policy at every stage of the service. Accordingly a SMS alert goes out to all the concerned.

Fastbuz. The friend in need

When you really need us We are always there Across the miles

Fastbuz is a unique point to point courier service covering the vast network of KSRTC depots. A unique collaboration between Reachon and KSRTC, it offers a unique 'quick on the road' parcel service between various KSRTC depots.

All one has to do is to entrust the parcel with the Reachon Fastbuz counter at the designated KSRTC bus depot. It will travel to its destination in the next available connecting bus. The consignee can collect the parcel as soon as it arrives. With FastBuz, the waiting time is 'zero' unlike normal courier service.

Stage - 01

Moment the cargo is booked at Reachon counter, SMS goes out to the consignor regarding the booking.

Stage - 02

When the cargo is reached at the destination DBA, SMS alert goes to the consignor about arrival.

Stage - 03

Moment the cargo is delivered, SMS goes out to the consignee regarding the delivery.

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