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SDD - Same day delivery

SDD will prioritize to make the delivery of the package the same day it will be received at the dispensing office.

DTD - depots to depots

Depots to Depots service accepts the package at the Depot Business Agency located at the bus station, and delivers the package at the destination Depot Business Agency from where the addressed would reach and receive the package.

ODA – Outside delivery area ( remote area)

Outside Delivery Area service will deliver the courier to the address in remote areas.

SD – Sunday delivery

Sunday Delivery service is a unique feature of Fastbuz which allows delivery of package on Sundays.

PA – Priority alerts ( Medicines/perishables)

Fastbuz has sophisticated technology driven solutions for carrying cold storage goods, and this service is carried out through Priority Alerts.

HAD – Hold at depots

The facility to hold shipment as per the customer request. Demurrage will be charged based on the number of hold off days.

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